Home Security System

Protect Your Assets and Your Loved Ones

Affordable and effective home security systems protect both family members and assets. Home burglary is on the rise since the recent economic recession. Every 14 seconds a new burglary occurs. Home owners must be prepared to handle the inevitable or deter crime. For a low monthly price, home owners can give their families the security and peace of mind they deserve. Consider how a home security system can help to put your mind at ease.

Crime Strikes at the Most Inopportune Moments

Financial difficulties have affected most homes in America. When an American home owner is suffering, there is someone suffering worse and looking to make the home their next target. Burglars are planning their attack when the majority of home owners are away from 6 AM to 6 PM.

The burglars enter through the front door as if they are invited guests. No one notices because everyone is away at work or at school. Unprepared home owners may be put under financial strain if adequate home security systems are not in place.

Homes without a home security system are three times more likely to be the targets of burglary. A home alarm system is a great idea to keep the home and family protected. Do not be one of the few who loses precious irreplaceable items, family members or a safe haven because a security system for home was too much of an investment.

Options for Home Security Systems

Purchase an adequate security system for home. The system should make the family feel safe without being invasive. Family members do not want to feel constantly watched, but they do want to protect each other and assets. The options for home security systems are numerous.

One major concern of a home alarm system is land lines. Past burglars have circumvented a security system for home by cutting the phone line to prevent the monitoring agency and police from being notified. If a home alarm system is activated, many neighbors may simply think it is a false alarm.

Most home owners are now requesting cell phones for a home alarm system instead of a single land line. This feature adds additional security. Two-way voice monitoring and broadband monitoring are also available as an alternative to traditional land line monitoring.

Remote monitoring is also another added feature of a security system for home. When home owners are located at the office or are away on vacation, they may receive a visual of the interior and exterior premises. This can also provide peace of mind should an unwanted guest enter the house. Video can also help police identify burglars faster. The likelihood of putting an end to criminal behavior will increase with video identification.

Cameras may be placed in discreet locations and may be undetectable to most burglars. When burglars do not know they are being watched, police can gather helpful evidence on camera and use it to capture them. When burglars are captured, peace of mind is restored.

Feel Safe and Save Money

Most home owners are not aware of the discounts insurance companies provide for home’s secured by a home security system. As much as a 20 percent discount is offered to home owners who have home security systems. Purchase a security system for home, feel safe and save money. Home owners simply cannot pass up on this deal.

Call for a Free Home Security System Consultation Today

Home security system consultations are free. Home owners learn about how to effectively secure their homes based upon the number of rooms, external entries, windows and inhabitants. Expert consultants can recommend an affordable and effective solution to home owners after the brief initial in-home consultation. Home owners should express their needs to the representative to ensure all aspects of the home are adequately protected. Contact a home alarm system specialist for a free quote today.