Camera Security System

Protect Family and Assets with an Extra Level of Security.

A camera security system can provide a certain level of security normal security systems cannot provide. Security alarm systems are simply not adequate enough for certain types of homes. Camera alarm systems focus on protecting the home’s inhabitants and its assets. With burglaries occurring every 14 seconds, home owners cannot afford to forgo a home security system. Camera security systems have been proven to provide better protection because a visual identifier is recorded.

Camera security systems also deter burglars. When burglars detect a camera on the premises, they think twice. Most burglars recognize the likelihood of getting caught is greatly increased. After the realization, burglars select an easier target without camera monitoring.

Sophisticated burglars are aware of the law and will do anything to avoid getting caught. All a jury needs to convict a burglar is a high resolution visual image of burglars in the act. Homes with camera security are better protected since burglars often pass these homes up for less secure homes.

What to Expect from a Camera Security System

Camera security system solutions normally consist of cameras to monitor various areas of the home. Common areas include the front gate, the front door, the back door and places in the home children or burglars may hide. A single system may control as many as 16 cameras or more. Camera security systems also have night vision. This allows people to identify burglars even if they decide to rob a home during the night time.

When selecting a camera alarm system, ensure the camera has night time vision visibility up to a certain distance. Some cameras have a visibility of 30 feet or 100 feet. These cameras can identify burglars even in low lighting. Select a camera security system built to withstand the elements if the camera is used for outdoor monitoring.

The camera footage can be viewed and monitored on a laptop. The remote networking system controls the cameras and video footage feed. Most security systems have incredible resolution. High resolution is necessary for accurate identification. Review the specifications to ensure thieves can be properly identified and prosecuted for violating a family’s home.

Home owners may monitor the camera system on closed circuit television. Most families keep the feed off the premises to prevent burglars from tampering with or taking the evidence. After the burglary, the home owner can request the video tape. The video tape may be turned over to the authorities for further examination.

Surprise Intruders with Undetectable Cameras

Most cameras are noticeable by intruders, but some cameras are not detectable. These cameras will record intruder behavior and provide information that may lead to capture of the intruders. Any stolen items have a greater chance of being returned with facial identification of intruders.

Camera alarm system solutions are a good investment because of the multiple uses the cameras have in the home. Parents use cameras to monitor small children, nannies, maintenance workers or teenagers in the home. Small children can be monitored to ensure they stay out of the laundry room and other places where they may be harmed. Teenagers can be monitored by parents working outside the home when they return home after school. Covert cameras can be useful for homes in many different situations.

Contact a Camera Security System Specialist for a Free Quote

Contact a camera alarm system specialist for a free quote. Inform the specialist of the type of home the camera alarm system will protect. After the initial consultation, a quote will be provided and the installation process can begin. A camera alarm system is a good investment for home owners. Contact a specialist today for a free quote.