Wireless Security Systems

Increased Crime Requires Increased Protection

Recent economic and financial difficulties have necessitated the need for increased security measures. Wireless security systems are preferred by many people to protect property and deter theft. Every 14 seconds a burglary occurs in the United States. Home owners are three times more likely to be targeted without a home security system. Purchase a wireless alarm system designed to protect the family and the home’s assets.

Flexibility and Customization with Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security system solutions provide flexibility to home owners. Some areas of the home are simply not conducive to wired alarm system solutions. When technicians cannot thread wires through a particular wall, wireless alarm system solutions are recommended. Wireless alarm systems are easier to install and are more popular for this reason.

Wireless security system solutions may include wireless motion detectors, wireless window contacts, wireless door contacts and wireless cameras to protect home owners. Wireless window break sensors provide additional security. Wireless alarm systems may be activated from a wireless remote if available.

Some home owners even decide to connect cellular phones to the wireless security systems for additional safety. Landlines may be cut and compromise the safety of the home. Thieves enter homes without alerting the monitoring service. This solution does not provide maximum safety to home owners. Cellular phones improve upon the original design.

Home owners may customize a wireless alarm system to adequately cover every aspect of the home. The number of cameras, motion detectors and contacts will vary depending on the size of the home. Wireless security systems are a modern solution to an old problem.

How Does a Wireless Security System Work?

The entire system operates on a secure frequency. Though it is possible, interruptions are rare with a wireless alarm system. Home owners feel safer because cunning thieves cannot cut wired lines to prevent an alarm from sounding. Whether home owners are located in the home or 1000 miles away, home owners can monitor the situation and avoid losses.

From the control panel, home owners may activate or deactivate any portion of the system. Wireless motion detectors are particularly effective for detecting intruders in a home while sleeping or away. Motion detectors may be deactivated when home owners are occupying the area to avoid false alarms. Even if burglars manage to get past the window or door contacts, wireless motion detectors will detect any movement in the home.

Wireless cameras help police to identify the intruders. Even if an intruder manages to leave a home with valuable items, the police may identify and locate the thieves faster with video footage. The footage may even be accessed from a laptop computer in a remote location if home owners are away for an extended period of time.

Put “Eyes” in Unsuspecting Locations

Wireless alarm systems allow home owners to put “eyes” in locations they cannot occupy. Like cars, homes have blind spots. Though studies have proven that most burglars strike homes through front doors between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM, some thieves do not follow normal modus operandi. They may enter homes through unlikely locations.

Home owners should identify these locations and cover the areas with cameras or motion detectors. Many cameras are not easily identifiable with the human eye. Undetectable cameras cannot be damaged by thieves. This increases the effectiveness of wireless alarm systems. Maximum protection with wireless alarm systems reduces burglars’ chances to leave a home with precious assets or family members.

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Wireless alarm system specialists must learn about a home to adequately secure it. A wireless security system specialist will ask questions to determine the best solution required to adequately protect a home. A custom wireless alarm system solution may be devised after the initial consultation. Contact a wireless security system specialist today for a free quote.